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Hi Line Helicopters, Inc.

Thank you for your interest in our company. Complete the form below to send us an email, or simply give us a call. We're looking forward to working with you.

  • Darrington, WA 98241
  • 360-436-1302

    Our World Class Services

    With a resume that is long and diverse, you can be sure choosing Hi Line is right for you.

    Accustomed to the remote and sometimes difficult operations in the Cascade Mountains, Hi Line Helicopters has the experience and range of aircraft to support your needs. Our services extend across the U.S. and Alaska providing the highest quality of service and Safety to our valued customers.

    • Vertical Reference Operations

    • Precision & Technical Longline Operations

    • Congested Area Plans, (CAP)

    • Power Line Construction
      (Including HEC Operations)

    • Concrete Delivery & Drying

    • Medical or Emergency Evacuations

    • Mountain Rescue

    • Provide Emergency Shorthaul OPS

    • Fire Fighting & Suppression OPS

    • Avalanche Control

    • Aerial Seed / Fertilizing

    • Aircraft Mounted Telemetry
      (For Wildlife Tracking)

    • Animal Capture

    • Personal Property Recovery

    • Aerial Photography

    • Heli-Skiing & Snowshoeing

    • Heli-Hiking

    • Heli-Fishing & Mountain Biking

    • Helicopter Charters for all Occasions

    Hi Line brings over 40 years of experience to every job. Some of our valued customers include city, state and federal agencies, a diverse corporate list and private citizens just needing some help.